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Coping Skills To Use

How do I get through when everyone seems to be mad at me? How can I stop being afraid that people will leave? How can I stop getting so angry? Learning new coping skills helps you improve your relationships and general well-being.
Coping - Relationships With Partnerís Family - Relationships With In-Laws
Relationships with your partner's family can be difficult at times even in the best circumstances. Borderline personality disorder can make this even more difficult. Understanding how to cope is an important step to maintaining these relationships.
What To Do When You Are Having Thoughts Of Suicide
Thinking of suicide can be scary and intense. Where can a person turn? Who can help?
Top 10 Coping Skills
What are some of the best coping skills out there? How they work depends on the individual, but it is possible to list some coping techniques that are helpful for most.
How To Cope - Improving Coping Skills
Everyone copes, even your pet. Looking at how we cope, and what we want the outcome to be are important steps to improving overall functioning.
Rejection On the Job - Coping With Rejection Sensitivity On the Job
Feelings of rejection can happen anywhere and with just about anyone, work is no exception. Often those with borderline personality disorder (BPD) have a heightened rejection sensitivity, which can result in frequent overwhelming feelings of rejection even on the job.
What Your Peers Do To Cope
This is a Microsoft Network Group (MSN) where people with BPD list the coping skills that they have found helpful. The things listed are not extraordinary, many of the things listed are probably things that you already do. Looking at the activities as ways to cope can transform them into proactive coping skills you can start to use today.

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