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Updated April 29, 2011

There are so many sources of information about borderline personality (BPD), but where can you find the best BPD news sources? Look no further than your trusty Internet -- there are literally thousands of BPD news sources online. Here are some of the best and how to find them.

BPD News from the Experts

If you are looking for news from the experts, there are quite a few sources where updates on new research, treatment options, conferences, and studies are posted. Get your RSS reader ready; here are the cream of the crop:

Borderline Personality Blogs

Blogs can be a great source of BPD news. In fact, you can often find out about new support groups, advocacy programs, conferences, and research from blogs weeks before these things are advertised or published formally.

Here are some of the best BPD blogs on the net:

In addition, you can always be on the look out for new blogs by doing a quick blog search. For example, by typing in the keywords "borderline personality" in Google's blog search, you can find a list of blogs that are specifically related to BPD.

Set Up BPD News Alerts

Don't forget that you can set up a news alert to deliver BPD news to you via email daily. Using the keyword term "borderline personality" in Google's news alert feature, you can choose how and when you want news on BPD delivered to your inbox.

Following BPD News on Social Media

People are increasingly getting their news from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Here are some great sources for BPD news on Twitter:

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