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Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

Learn more about the symptoms and associated features of borderline personality disorder, including emotional and relationship instability, impulsivity, suicidality, self-harm, and more.

Coping with Symptoms - Challenges in Coping with Symptoms
All the symptoms of borderline personality disorder are difficult to deal with, but most people with BPD have one or two symptoms that they can identify as the most disruptive to their lives. For some, the chronic feelings of emptiness can seem unbearable. For others, the constant struggle with self-harm is the hardest burden to bear. What...

Impulsive Behavior - How to Tame Impulsive Behavior
Many people with borderline personality disorder struggle with impulsive behavior, including acts like reckless driving, unsafe or promiscuous sex, going on spending sprees, and others. Do you struggle with impulsive behavior? What things do you do that get you in trouble? How have you been able to tame your impulsive behavior?

What Does Dissociation Feel Like - What Does Dissociation Fee…
Dissociation is difficult to define, and many people experience dissociation differently. What does dissociation feel like for you? How do you know if you are dissociating?

Do You Tell Lies - Why and When Do You Tell Lies
Do you tell lies? While there is no good research on the connection between BPD and lying, lots of people with BPD will tell you that they find themselves telling lies even when they don't mean to. What do you lie about? What triggers your lying? Do think there is a connection between BPD symptoms and lying?

Is It Time for a Borderline Personality Disorder Name Change - Border…
Many experts are now calling for a borderline personality disorder name change, because the term "borderline" is outdated and because, unfortunately, the name has been used in a stigmatizing way in the past. What do you think? Should BPD be renamed? What are the advantages of renaming the disorder? Do you see any potential drawbacks of renaming...

Borderline Personality Disorder Axis II - Should We Keep Borderline P…
Borderline personality disorder and other personality disorders are on a separate axis, axis II, in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders multi-axial diagnostic system. But, does BPD belong on Axis II? Or is it actually better captured if it is recognized as an Axis I clinical disorder? What do you think - is BPD a...

Suicide Risk Factors
Is there a way to predict who is at greatest risk for attempting or committing suicide? This article covers two different kinds of suicide risk factors: distal and proximal risk factors.

Suicide Risk Factors - When Are You Most at Risk
Many people with BPD have suicidal ideation from time to time. But there are some critical periods when you are at the greatest risk of a suicide attempt. Have you learned what risk factors signal that you might make an attempt? How do you know that you are becoming unsafe? What do you do when you realize you may make an attempt to keep yourself...

Who Am I? Borderline Personality Disorder and Identity Problems
Do you ever find yourself asking, who am I? What do I believe in? What is my place in this world? If you do, you are not alone. Many people with borderline personality disorder (BPD) struggle with identity issues it is one of the core symptoms of the disorder.

Borderline Personality and Problems Related to Thinking
Many people with borderline personality experience symptoms related to the process and content of their thinking, or cognition. These symptoms can include paranoid ideation, dissociation, and dichotomous thinking.

Who Am I - Struggling with Identity Problems
Do you often ask yourself "who am i?" What is my place in the world? Do I even exist? If you do, you are not alone. Many people with borderline personality disorder (BPD) struggle with identity problems.

Borderline Personality Symptoms - Describing Your Borderline Personal…
The symptoms of BPD can be very hard to understand for someone who has not experienced them. How do you let other people know what it feels like to have BPD? Do you have a particular way of explaining your symptoms to let others know what it is like to have the disorder?

Understanding Borderline Anger
Anger is a key feature of borderline personality disorder. Learn more about borderline anger and how to get help.

Deliberate Self-Harm
What is deliberate self harm and why does it occur? Learn more about self harming behaviors, why self harm happens, and how self harm is treated.

What is Borderline Personality Disorder?
What is BPD? What are the symptoms? How is it treated? Learn more about the basics of BPD.

Understand Dissociation
What is dissociation? Is dissociation a disorder? How is dissociation treated? Learn more about dissociation in BPD.

Suicidality in Borderline Personality Disorder
Suicidality is an unfortunately common occurrence in borderline personality disorder. Learn more about the link between suicide and BPD, and what you can do to keep yourself or your loved one safe.

Impulsive Behavior and BPD
Are you someone who tends to take action without thinking through the consequences? Do hasty decisions often get you into trouble? Do you often act based on your feelings in the moment rather than on a long-term plan? You may be struggling with impulsive behavior, one of the symptoms of BPD.

NIMH: National Survey Tracks Prevalence of Personality Disorders
A study by researchers at the State University of New York Binghamton and Harvard University explores the prevalence of personality disorders in the U.S.

Research Report: Self-Harm is Prevalent in Children
This BBC report on research performed by Britain's National Health Service shows that self-harm is very prevalent (and on the rise) in children.

NIMH: Evidence of Emotional Reactivity in BPD
Research has demonstrated that the strong emotional reactivity described by people with BPD is evident in laboratory tests.

Borderline Personality Disorder Statistics
What are the borderline personality disorder statistics that you need to know? How many people in the population have BPD? How many men versus women are diagnosed with BPD? What are the suicide rates for people with BPD? Learn these and more.

Mood Swings and Borderline Personality Disorder
Borderline personality disorder, or BPD, is associated with mood swings-- intense emotional ups and downs that can happen at the drop of a hat. Here's how to tell whether mood swings may be related to BPD.

How to Identify Triggers
Learn how to identify triggers that lead to intense emotions and psychological symptoms. What are your triggers, and how can you plan for them?

BPD Triggers
Most people with borderline personality disorder (BPD) have particular triggers (i.e., events or situations that exacerbate their symptoms or lead to psychiatric crises). Learn more about BPD triggers and how they can be managed.

What Are Triggers - What Are Triggers For Your Symptoms
What are triggers, and how do you manage them? Learn more about how to recognize triggers, common situations that trigger strong emotional reactions, and how to manage triggers after they occur.

Describe Your BPD Mood Swings - What Are BPD Mood Swings Like
People with BPD often experience intense, frequent, consistent mood swings in reaction to perceived interpersonal slights (i.e., perceived rejection or abandonment). What are BPD mood swings like? How are they different from normal mood shifts?

BPD and Shame
There is a strong relationships between BPD and shame -- so much so that some experts consider BPD to be a disorder of chronic shame. Individuals with BPD often experience themselves as unacceptable, worthless, or even evil. This intense self-contempt may play a role in the high rates of self-harm and suicidal behaviors in people with BPD.

BPD Treatments
There are a variety of BPD treatments available, including medications, individual and group psychotherapies, family therapy, and even alternative treatments. How do you choose among these options? Learn about the research behind the various BPD treatments and become an informed consumer.

What is BPD Disorder?
What is borderline personality disorder (BPD)? What are the symptoms of BPD? How is BPD treated? Learn more about the basics of borderline personality disorder.

Borderline Personality Types - Are There Different Borderline Personality Types
Many books and articles about borderline personality speculate that there may be some specific borderline personality types. Are there subtypes of borderline personality? What types of borderline personality exist?

Paranoid Thinking in Borderline Personality
Many people with borderline personality experience paranoid thinking under conditions of great stress. Do you experience this symptom? What is it like for you? What kinds of paranoid thoughts do you tend to have? What situations or stressors trigger your paranoid thoughts? What can you do to manage these thoughts?

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